Telephone Insurance

Available on

  • O3 American Express® Green Card.
  • O3 American Express® Gold Card.
  • O3 American Express® Platinum Card.
  • O3 American Express® Gold Business Card.

Benefit summary (prospects)

Telephone insurance on all phones purchased using the O3 American Express cards.If your mobile phone is the subject of a valid theft, the Assistance company replace it with a phone having the same functionality, up to the amount shown in the Benefit Table. Where only a part or parts of your mobile phone have been subject to theft, we will only pay for the replacement of that part or parts. The Assistance company will not pay more than the amount shown in the Benefit Table for any one event, or more than the maximum amount shown in the Benefit Table in any one 365-day period.

Benefit details (existing cardholders)

There are condition that covers telephone Insurance these are as follows:

Specific conditions:

  • The Assistance Company pay an amount equal to the original purchase price less 5% for depreciation per each 6-month period from the purchase date.
  • The benefit will be paid subject to the replacement of the stolen item
  • You must report the theft to the local police within 24 hours and obtain a Police report.
  • Contact us immediately and in any event within 24 hours of discovery.
  • All receipts must be retained and provided to substantiate your claim.
  • You must provide an original receipt or proof of ownership to help you to substantiate your claim.

Specific exclusions:

  • Any cost for the replacement or reinstatement of any data or information stored on the mobile phone. · Theft from any commercial vehicle, convertible or soft topped vehicle.
  • Loss of items not connected to theft.
  • Mysterious disappearance of items.
  • Any cost incurred as a result of not being able to use the mobile phone.
  • Any costs other than the replacement cost of the mobile phone. 14
  • Any costs to update your mobile phone including, but not limited to software.
  • Any cost involving a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, memory card or card whilst detached from your mobile phone.
  • Accessories.
  • Theft of a mobile phone contained in an unattended vehicle: – overnight between 9pm and 8am (local time); or – at any time between 8am and 9pm (local time) unless it is in the locked boot which is separate from the passenger compartment for those vehicles with a boot, or for those vehicles without a separate boot locked in the vehicle and covered from view. with evidence of forcible and violent entry to the vehicle confirmed by a police report.
  • Loss or damage due to delay, confiscation or detention by customs or other authority.
  • Claims which are not supported by the original receipt, proof of ownership or replacement invoice (obtained prior to the loss) of the items lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Claims arising from theft from your accommodation unless there is evidence of forced entry which is confirmed by a police report.
  • Policy deductible as shown in the benefit table.
  • Claims that happen outside the geographical limit of Nigeria.

Benefit terms and conditions

In the event of theft and/ or accidental damage to an eligible item within 90 days of purchase, the assistance company will, at our option, replace or repair the eligible item or credit the Cardholder account an amount not exceeding the purchase price of the eligible item, or the single item limit shown in the Benefit Table whichever is lower. The Assistance company pay more than the amount shown in the Benefit Table for any one event, or more than the maximum amount shown in the Benefit Table in any one 365-day period.

Table of benefits and limits



Medical Assistance

Emergency medical &hospitalisation expenses abroad

$40 000 for accident & illness

deductible $50 for illness only

Medical Transportation

Actual costs

Emergency dental expenses abroad

$150 – deductible $50

Extension of beneficiary’s stay

Accommodation up to $80 /night up to 10 nights.

Sending medicines abroad

Costs of medicines refunded by Beneficiary


Body repatriation in case of death

Repatriation of body: actual costs

Actual post-mortem expenses

Coffin expenses up to

$1 000

Transportation Insurance & Assistance

Information service if delay in delivering luggage

Information service

Compensation if delay in delivering of luggage

delay =/> 6h; $50 per hour, up to $100

Additional compensation in the event of loss of luggage

20 /kg up to $100

Compensation in the event of flight delay

delay =/> 6 h; $50 per hour, up to $100

Other guarantees



Service only

Theft or loss of passport

Actual direct reproduction costs

Sending urgent messages

Actual costs

Travel accident

$50 000

Personal liability

$50 000

Additional Covers

Emergency card replacement (To Be Provided in Conjunction with EPP)


Online fraud protection

$1 500



replacement cost limit up to 200

Aggregate limit – 250

deductible $10



replacement cost limit up to 200

Aggregate limit – 250

deductible $10

Customer journey and fulfilment process

The Assistance Company provides the Beneficiary with information over the telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on the following points: · loss or theft declarations (places where to make the declarations), · help on renewal (documents to be provided, addresses, time limits for obtaining them, etc.). The information supplied is of a documentary nature and the Assistance Company’s cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for the use and/or interpretation of the information given.                                   

Whenever there is a situation that will give rise to a claim the client must contact AXA assistance and provide the following within the time frame mentioned in the contract;

  • Reason for the call / Claim
  • Description of incident
  • Customer Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Contact Numbers and email address if any
  • Passport Number
  • Agreement Number

Our Service platform will check coverage , exclusion & create a case and inform the client on the following next steps ;

  1. Send all scan documentation to our claims service platform with a covering letter by email
  2. Send all original documentation to the Insurer.

When all documentation is received the claim handler will assess the claim and confirm the following:

  • Check if we have all the supporting documentation – if we dont have all documentation we will contact the client and ask same.
  • Check if the Policy is valid
  • Check if the incident is covered – If not covered, send a decline letter to the client with reason for declinature
  • If incident is covered, ask client for Bank Details and proceed with payment
  • Activate finance department for bank transfer

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