Recreational Activities

Available on

  • O3 American Express® Gold Card.
  • O3 American Express® Platinum Card.
  • O3 American Express® Gold Business Card

Benefit summary (prospects)
A 15% discount on prices at Maxtivity and Lego Play Experience

Benefit details (existing cardholders)

Enjoy up to 15% reduction off your bills at Maxtivity and Lego Play Experience when you pay with your O3 American Express Business Card.

This includes discounts on products, free shipping, exclusive access to events and promotions, and special rewards. Customers can enjoy discounts on both product purchases and online purchases, as well as free shipping on orders over a certain amount. They can also gain exclusive access to Maxtivity and Lego Play Experience events and promotions, such as early access to new products and exclusive offers. Finally, customers can earn rewards points for every purchase they make, which can be used to unlock additional discounts on future purchases. Overall, Maxtivity and Lego Play Experience provide a great opportunity for customers to save money while still enjoying quality products.

Benefit terms and conditions

The Maxtivity and LEGO Play Experience benefit terms and conditions offer customers a range of rewards and discounts when they purchase products from the two companies. Customers can receive discounts of up to 50% on all LEGO products, as well as discounts on Maxtivity products and services. Customers can also take advantage of the Maxtivity Rewards Program, which offers exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services. Additionally, customers can access exclusive offers and promotions from both companies, including free shipping, free games, and exclusive discounts on select products. Finally, when customers become members of the Maxtivity and LEGO Play Experience, they will be eligible for an additional 15% off all purchases made within the program.

Customer journey and fulfilment process

Customer Journey For Maxitivity-

Maxitivity is a customer journey and fulfillment platform that helps businesses increase customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. Through its powerful platform, businesses can easily create, customize, and manage their customer journey and fulfillment processes, helping them to build relationships with their customers and provide an enhanced customer experience. Maxitivity has a range of features that enable businesses to create a personalized customer journey, including automated customer onboarding and offboarding, automated customer segmentation, and customizable customer support. It also offers a range of fulfillment tools, such as order and return management, shipping management, and inventory optimization. With its platform, businesses can easily track customer journeys and assess customer needs, enabling them to provide a tailored customer experience that leads to increased loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer Journey For Lego Play Experience –

Lego’s play experience begins with customer journey and fulfillment. Customers are invited to participate in a fun and engaging experience that starts with the discovery and exploration of the Lego products. They can find the right Lego sets and products to suit their needs and interests, as well as read reviews to help them make an informed decision. Once the decision has been made, customers can order the product online or in-store and have it shipped or picked up at their local Lego store. The Lego experience doesn’t end there; customers can join the Lego community to discover new ways to play, engage with other Lego fans, and participate in activities like building competitions and events. Lego rewards loyalty and encourages customer satisfaction with discounts and exclusive offers. The Lego play experience is designed to combine fun and learning and create an enjoyable experience that customers can come back to time and time again.