Film House Discounts

Available on

  • O3 American Express® Green Card.
  • O3 American Express® Gold Card.
  • O3 American Express® Platinum Card.
  • O3 American Express® Gold Business Card.

Benefit summary (prospects)

O3 American Express cardmembers enjoy unlimited movies and an extra 15% off food and soft drinks for a month at all Film House outlets.

Benefit details (existing cardholders)

Enjoy discounts and benefits at all Film house Cinemas outlets in Nigeria. First-time users will receive a complimentary one-month subscription courtesy of O3.

O3 cardholders with an active card can potentially receive a reduced subscription renewal rate for one month. Following the initial month, cardholders will be responsible for covering the expenses of future renewals.”

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Benefit terms and conditions

This offer, provided by, is applicable to O3 American Express® Green Cardholders, O3 American Express® Gold Cardholders, O3 American Express Platinum® Cardholders, and O3 American Express® Gold Business Cardholders. Eligible cardholders will receive a complimentary one-month access pass to regular screens (excluding IMAX, MX4D, Big Screen, and DBOX). Following the initial free month, cardholders who wish to continue enjoying this privilege can do so at a reduced subscription rate of N5,500 per month. This subscription is valid for a single individual and is exclusively usable on weekdays (Monday to Friday).”

There are two methods to redeem benefit.

Customer journey and fulfilment process


Step-by-step customer process – 


  1. Navigate to the login page of the website, which serves as the entry point for green card customers. 
  2. Access the cinema customer journey by clicking on the option specifically tailored for film enthusiasts. If you click on “Film house (learn more),” you will be redirected to the Film House website URL, where you can proceed with the sign-up process.
  3. Provide your full name, email address, phone numbers and Insert O3 card details. 
  4. Upon making payment for the subscription, a one-time use voucher code worth N5,500 will be provided to complete the transaction. 
  5. After the transaction is finished, a card number will be generated, which you can show at the cinema to get your tickets.
  6. The user can book a free ticket online if their subscription is valid. 
  7. Renewal is automated for signups done online.


For signups at check in point in the cinema these are the steps. All Film house Staffs will be aware of this benefit steps

Step-by-step customer process – 


  1. Visit a Film House outlet in Nigeria.
  2. Speak to the customer service agent as a first-time O3 American Express Card customer and would like to sign up for O3 Film House subscription. 
  3. Fill out the provided form with personal information. 
  4. The Film House will provide a QR code for payment, which will be linked to the vouchers. •
  5. Once payment is confirmed, the team member at the till will process the transaction and issue a card number to the customer as a unique ID for the subscription. 
  6. Watch any movie of your choice.
  7.  For manual renewal, the customer needs to initiate the process.