We're a providing our
customers with an
alternative lifestyle

Who Are We?

O3 Capital Nigeria Limited is a financial services institution dedicated to enriching our customers’ lives. By issuing both credit and prepaid cards, we offer various consumer loans and funds management services to ensure that every Nigerian has an equal opportunity to prosper.

We provide banking and credit products and services that help people achieve their goals – from starting a family to exploring the world. Our networks connect banks, card members and merchants nationwide with innovative commerce solutions.

Mission, Vision and Values

At O3 Capital, our vision is to become Nigeria’s preferred card issuer.

Our mission is to help people spend smarter, manage debt better and save more so they achieve a brighter financial future.

We want every Nigerian to have the ability to keep up with daily consumption requirements. With O3 cards, the average Nigerian will not be “cash-strapped” but will have that additional funding source to meet their daily needs. Our objectives also include provision of payment solutions for private and public enterprises.

Our Strategy

Moving towards a “cashless Nigeria

As Nigeria’s first non-bank credit card issuer, the company’s strategic thrust is to introduce both credit and prepaid Naira-denominated into the Nigerian market. This objective correlates with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Financial System Strategy 2020, which aims to create a “Cashless Nigeria”.


Acting with empathy and
integrity, we put the people and
businesses we serve at the
center of what we do.


We are passionate about offering
sustainable solutions.


We champion innovation, and use
our energy, expertise and
resources to make a positive